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JIS was conceived as a place to discover new connections in the city

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An Idea Is Born

    JIS was founded in 2011
    in Sapporo, Japan.

    The founder of JIS noticed that it was difficult to meet new people in the city. It simply isn’t normal in Asian culture to strike up a conversation with a stranger, and after speaking to friends the founder decided to create dinner parties to change this. Held in an apartment, these parties became a big hit, and it led to further thinking:

    What if we could create a ‘social lounge’ concept and bring it to the public, creating a space where you could go to meet new people?

    Welcome To The Social Lounge

    The founder developed the idea for a ‘social lounge’ concept in the hometown of Sapporo. In order to ensure it became a place where people would go to meet new friends and connections, three things would be essential to its success:


    Instead of awkward introductions, leave everything to us. Experience how the JIS System makes socialising a breeze.


    To bring in the city’s workers after dark, highly competitive pricing was necessary. The founder decided to be radical and offer female customer free food and drinks to draw the crowds in.


    Most importantly, the social lounge had to be
    a place you wanted to be

    To bring it all together, a bold claim was developed, that would become the brand’s tagline and name all in one:


    ….or JIS for short. It stands for Adding Colour To Life, and
    became a promise and purpose that would guide the brand’s cultural success.

    Just 8 years after the first JIS opened, the group now operates 7 outlets that serve 1.4 million guests every year in major cities across Japan. More importantly, JIS has become a byword for a social hotspot where you can connect with people who share like-minded interests, and discover new and long-lasting friends. The founder’s bold vision has become a reality, and the next frontier is global.

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